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Zoomlion L100-8(HK)
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Zoomlion TCT7527
Zoomlion TC6015A-10
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About Soar Group

Soar Engineering Company Limited (SECL) is a specialist providing professional services related to tower crane, derrick crane, material hoist and winch. Since incorporated in 1994, SECL has participated in many significant projects such as, Tsing Ma Bridge, Airport Concourse, KCRC West Rail Stations, Yau Tong MTRC Station, IFC Phase II, Hanoi Road Redevelopment Projects, etc…

Soar Consultants Limited (SCL) provides professional engineering consultancy services on technical designs including foundation , floor climbing , mounting method of wall-tie system for height addition to tower cranes. Our Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) provides extensive testing services of equipments for local construction companies and contractors. Our professional and responsive attitude have been winning “Word of Mouth” among clients from time to time. SCL also provides supervising engineer for monitoring tower crane related works in accordance with Code of Practice (CoP).

Soar Equipment Rental Company Limited (SERCL) provides rental and sales of tower crane, derrick crane and winch for the local and global construction industry.
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Professional services related to tower cranes, derrick crane, material hoist and winch.
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