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A jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. Jib cranes are used in industrial premises and on military vehicles. The jib may swing through an arc, to give additional lateral movement, or be fixed. Similar cranes, often known simply as hoists, were fitted on the top floor of warehouse buildings to enable goods to be lifted to all floors.


Product Details:
Place of Origin    : China (Mainland)
Rated Lifting Moment: 5m
Rated Loading Capacity: 0.5-3T
Max. Lifting Load: 3T
Max. Lifting Height: 4.5M
Span: 5M
Application: Plants, warehouses,material stocks to lift goods
Feature: Jib Crane
Condition: New
control: manually and electric
Working system: A3
Slewing speed: 0.5-1 r/min
Circulate speed: 20 m/min
Slewing angle: 180/270/360


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